Why You’re Not A Bad Mom If Your Kids Annoy You


Why You’re Not A Bad Mom If Your Kids Annoy You

We all LOVE our babies more than life. I would do anything for them! Well almost anything! Here’s Why You’re Not A Bad Mom If Your Kids Annoy You.

One thing I’m not going to do it play Minecraft with my 7 year old or peekaboo with my one year old for 3 HOURS. Minecraft and long ass stories about Minecraft are annoying to me.

I’m sorry! I’m a bad mom, because I will literally pretend to have emergency urgent dishwashing duties or dog poop to clean up to avoid talking about Minecraft. We love them but kids are annoying sometimes.

Maybe you like Minecraft and that’s awesome! That’s something fun you can share with your kid. The point is you’re not a bad mom for avoiding the activities you can’t stand.

Pick something you do enjoy doing and indulge in that activity with your kid.

When I was a kid my dad liked watching silly cartoons with me. All you 90s kids may remember Ren & Stimpy? My dad and I loved watching that show together!

Why You’re Not A Bad Mom If Your Kids Annoy You

I love watching scary movies with my video gamer. So that’s what we do. I also enjoy taking him to the movies for mother and son time. But play video games? I JUST CAN’T DO IT.

Honestly I get frustrated even trying to work that damn controller. Another thing I enjoy doing with my son is helping him make his little YouTube videos. He’s so funny and silly.

My baby girl is one years old. She thinks everything is funny. Yes I enjoy making her laugh with a little peekaboo. But babies want to play over and over for hours! I’m good for about 15 minutes tops. It’s normal for our children to annoy us.

One of the most frustrating things is when I’m right in the middle of something, such as dishes, vacuuming, or writing a blog, and my kid bursts in loudly demanding I do something he could easily do himself.

“Mom make me cereal, mom my sisters bothering me, mom I lost my tv remote!” Son I refuse to find your tv remote one more time for the rest of my life.

Sometimes I just need quiet alone time as a mom.

My son is handsome, funny, smart, and all things perfect of course! But he’s capable of making his own damn cereal. I cook fresh healthy meals including steamed broccoli and it takes 45 entire minutes of fighting for him to nibble one bite. Kids are frustrating and difficult sometimes.

Sometimes I just need quiet alone time. I conjure up wreck less fantasies such as informing my husband I’ve taken on a volunteer job that requires me to leave the house for 3 hours a day. Then I volunteer my time in a hotel room on the other side of town.

My 7 year old just got home and he’s jumping on my bed ignoring my request to practice his spelling words. I’m a bad mom because I hate helping with homework.

This isn’t fun to me. It wasn’t fun when I was in school and it’s even more exhausting trying to get my child to do. He’s purposely spelling the words wrong and laughing at me.

Me “Spell soup”
Mason “spxyz! Hahahhahahaha”
Me :\

Yes this is annoying to me but I still do it every single day.

And if you’re anything like me the fact that you care enough to do these important things even though you hate them makes you a great mom!

Would I prefer to be a perfect PTA mom? A mom who loves playing kid games and strict bedtimes? I don’t know, but I do know that I’m doing everything I can each day to be the best mom I’m capable of being. I feel annoyed with my children every day. But I never scream, name call, nor would I ever hit or spank them.

The time is 9:59pm on a school night both kids are rolling around on top of me in my bed. The lights are all off and I’m just laying still writing this. My son now wants my pillow and the baby is just saying “ba ba ba ba ba” and throwing her bottle at me.

Now she’s climbing on her brother who is actually trying to go to sleep. Now she’s kicking me in the face and trying to take my phone. She has a cold and is teething. Now she’s on the side of the bed crying in between saying “doggy doggy doggy doggy na na na na na.”

Although I would love for the kids to be asleep I’m not as stressed out as when they’re running around the entire house doing the same stuff.

Yesterday the baby (14 months old) climbed on top of her foot tall baby table and fell. She fell so hard and landed near her left eye. Today we noticed a small red dot in that eye.

I googled it and determined it’s a little burst blood vessel. She’s an adventurous little monkey. Daddy took her to the doctor and they said she’s fine. But goodness she stresses me out. She just smacked me in the face. Okay it’s bed time! Stay at home moms deserve time away from their kids sometimes

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