Welcome to anyreasonlife homepage


Welcome to anyreasonlife homepage

Welcome to anyreasonlife.com! This is actually my second website. My other one is a vegan recipe blog at www.anyreasonvegans.com. As much as I love and still invest in my original I realized after 2 years of only writing vegan recipes and other vegan related topics that I had so much more stuff to write about. Welcome to anyreasonlife homepage

The first thing I wanted to write about is kids. I’m a wife and mother of two. I have one 7 year old boy and a 17 month old girl. They are hilarious every single day. And I wanted to blog about things I’ve learned as their mother. About the struggles and joys of parenting. Mom life is amazing, rewarding, difficult, and stressful!

Another topic I’ve recently been following is Keto and low carb dieting! I gained a lot of weight during my last pregnancy and low carb dieting is one of the tools I’ve utilized to drop extra pounds. Due to the fact that I already have over 2 years experience writing recipes I wanted to incorporate low carb recipes as a part of anyreasonlife.

Keto recipes are so much fun because you can eat a lot of things I never imagined I could when trying to lose weight. Recipes such as sugar free ice creams, brownies, and cakes! I also love sharing the fact that many vegan foods can be eaten doing low carb. For example tofu has almost no carbs! Tofu nuggets made with almond flour are one of my favorite vegetarian Keto recipes. I also love sugar free cheesecakes!

Lastly I wanted to share with my audience the fact that I am a recovered alcoholic and addict. At the time of writing this I’m coming up on three years sober (August 20th 2019). My history of substance abuse and addiction is long and frightening. I almost died multiple times. One of the ways I’ve found to be of service to others who struggle with addiction is to be an open book about my experience, strength, and hope. Overcoming substance abuse can be very difficult but you are not alone. And there is a solution! Being sober is the greatest blessing.

Anyreasonlife is your one stop spot for all things mom life, Low Carb Recipes, sobriety and recovery.

I spent a decade as an exotic dancer to fund my lifestyle. However I also worked as a dancer in early sobriety in order to take care of myself and my son as a single Mom.

However I worked hard and was able to move out of that type of work in order to be a good example to my son and now my daughter. Although I still respect all women who work in that type of field, I’m so grateful to not have to do that any longer. Furthermore I’ve written a few blogs about my stripper life! It was an interesting experience to say the least.

So anyreasonlife has a wide variety of content! Everything from mom life, recipes, sobriety, trending news stories, and stripper life!

Thanks for visiting anyreasonlife! What’s your reason today?

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