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Tie Dye Coffee Filters Paper Flowers

Tie Dye Coffee Filters Paper Flowers

These tie dye coffee filters paper flowers turned out so colorful and beautiful! My kids and I had a blast with this coffee filter art project making tie dye patterns. This arts and crafts for kids and adult will show you how to make easy paper flowers.

This coffee filter art project with tie dye patterns kept my kids and me occupied all afternoon. Sure, there was a little bit of a mess to a lean afterwards, but that’s just part of arts and crafts with kids. The mess doesn’t matter at all though because I loved teaching my kids how to make easy paper flowers. 

You only need 5 simple household items to make this coffee filter art project with tie dye patterns. All you need is the basket shaped coffee filters, the ones with the ruffled sides. Also a few different colors of food coloring, water, paper towels, and some kind of cups or bowls. 

I actually used a muffin pan instead of cups or bowls to hold the water colors. It worked really well in making these tie dye coffee filters. How to make easy paper flowers is very simple, just follow these instructions. Additionally, I created a mini instructional video to show how to fold the coffee filters properly.

The instructional video also depicts how to properly dip them into the color, and pat them dry.

Tie dye paper flowers

I used about 5 or 6 different food colorings to create different colors for the tie dye patterns. However you can use as little as 2 colors or as many as you want. Fold the tie dye coffee filters 4 times. 

When you are working on this coffee filter art project make sure you don’t over dip in the color. You don’t want the filters to get too drenched because they will lose shape, and the colors will bleed into each other instead of creating separate patterns.

See how to make easy paper flowers below!

How To Make Paper Flowers

Time needed: 2 hours.

How To Make Easy Paper Flowers

  1. Supplies Needed

    1. Coffee filters (basket shaped ones with the ruffled sides)
    2. Food colors (a few different colors)
    3. Water 
    4. Paper towels

  2. Supply Tip:

    I used a muffin pan instead of cups or bowls, but you can use whatever you want to make the water colors

  3. Choose Colors

    I used 5 different colors but you can use how ever many you want as well

  4. Create Tie Dye Water Color

    Combine 1/4 cup water and 3 to 4 drops of food coloring for each individual cup of 
    water color 

  5. Coffee Filters

    Make sure you use the basket shaped coffee filters with the ruffled sides

  6. Fold Coffee Filter

    Start by folding the coffee filter in half, fold it in half again, then fold it in half again, fold the coffee filter in half one more time. (That’s 4 times)

  7. Prepare To Dip

    Have your paper towels nearby to help dry the coffee filters once you start to dip them in the water color, you don’t want them to ever get too soaked, it causes the colors to bleed into each other too much

  8. Start To Dip

    Gently dip a corner of the folded coffee filter into one color at a time

  9. Don’t over dip

    Just dip it in a little bit at a time and allow the color to seep and spread on its own, then tap dry with a paper towel to remove excess water – too much will cause the coffee filters to lose its texture, also the colors will all bleed into each other 

  10. Allow Folded Tie Die Filters To Dry

    Let the colored folded coffee filters to rest appropriately 20 minutes on paper towels

  11. Allow Unfolded Filters To Dry

    Then unfold them and allow them to continue to completely dry on the paper towels

  12. Start Making Paper Flowers

    Once the coffee filters are completely dry, fold them in half again

  13. Form The Petals

    Then fold them in half one more time, and pinch the center, make a twist and hold onto that twist while opening the top. Shape the opening into petals.

  14. Make A Stem Or Create Wall Decor

    You can use things such as pipe cleaner or sticks to make a stem. Tape and glue both work to secure the flowers onto the sticks.

I used double sided tape to create a lovely wall decoration with my tie dye coffee filter paper flowers! Thanks for visiting Anyreasonlife arts crafts and homeschool learning pages.

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