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TCA Peel Before And After Results

TCA Peel Before And After Results

TCA Before And After Anyreasonlife

I have done this chemical peel on myself at home countless times. I’ve really lightened a lot of acne marks and wrinkles. There’s definitely some healing time needed for your skin. Especially if you leave the TCA peel on a longer period of time. I’m pretty satisfied with my TCA Peel Before And After Results. 

TCA stands for trichloroacetic acid and it can benefit the skin’s appearance in multiple ways. Additionally it comes in various strengths such as 25% all the way to 100%. This percentage number represents the strength or concentration of acid. 

TCA chemical peels remove old skin cells and stimulate the growth of new ones. This can be beneficial by creating mother appearance of younger and fresher looking skin. This chemical peel can also be used to treat acne scars and melasma. Like I said, I’m happy with my TCA Peel Before And After Results.

Chemical peels are non invasive ways to prevent aging

TCA peels are non toxic and non invasive but do result in some inconvenient side effects. The side effects include redness, irritation, burning, and peeling. They can last 5 days up to 3 weeks depending on strength of the peel and how long you leave it on. 

TCA chemical peel can be applied to other areas other than the face. It can be applied to the neck, chest, arms, etc. Topical numbing cream applied to the areas before application can be very helpful. Numbing cream (5% lidocaine) drastically reduces the pain associated with the TCA chemical peel. 

Topical numbing cream is available without a prescription with up to 5% lidocaine. Over the counter numbing cream with lidocaine is great for tattoos, waxing, facials, and chemical peels. 

Before applying the numbing cream and TCA peel I will steam my skin (with steamer or very warm wash cloth) to open my pores. Then I wash my face with my favorite cleanser. While my pores are still open from the steam or warm wash cloth I perform extractions. 

Next I tone my skin with witch hazel and pat my skin dry. This is when I will apply the numbing cream to my face, neck, and chest. Wait at least 10 minutes for the numbing cream to take affect. Use dry tissues or wash cloth to wipes the numbing cream away. 

Before applying the TCA peel I like to do a quick 5 minute micro needle treatment. Micro needling before TCA peel enhances the results of this treatment. Especially when it comes to acne scars and malasma.

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