Casserole R a mom’s best friend the word Casserole is French diminutive of Café which is a variety of a large deep pan or bowl used for cooking a variety of dishes in the oven. Additionally this category of food is cooked in such a utensil to distinguish the two uses the pan can be called casserole dish or casserole pan. Furthermore the dish itself is simply called a Casserole. This type of dish is usually a main course and it has no country of origin because it’s just global and it’s usually serve hot. Main ingredients include chop diced vegetables a type of meat and a starchy binder such as eggs or potatoes. It’s good with vegetables, chicken, cheese, beef, fish, seafood, or lamb.

A history of casseroles includes baked ziti which is a pasta bake with ground meat. They are really good with onions peppers mushrooms herbs spices and bread. When I use a type of bread I like to use breadcrumbs such as Panko. Baked Dishes like casseroles have existed for literally thousands of years. Here are any reason life we have casserole recipes such as tater tot‘s with ground beef, baked spaghetti, pasta bake‘s, potato bakes, and chicken with broccoli.

For example Cream of mushroom recipes like this chicken casserole with noodles are out of this world delicious. The flavors are amazingly tasty and comforting. If you are looking for the perfect easy dinner to make up your family and this is the casserole for you. Everyone loves this cheesy tater tot casserole with ground beef because it’s delicious and comforting.

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