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Pie Iron Seasoning Guide


Pie Iron Seasoning Guide

A pie iron is one of the most valuable pieces of gear to make mouthwatering meals while camping or enjoying an outdoor fire at home. If you have a cast iron pie iron like this, it will last you for many years, provided you follow some simple steps to season it first.

Although there are several steps to seasoning, the good news is that you only need to do this process of once.

  • Why you need to season your pie iron

When you first get your pie iron, you will notice it has a silver coating. Before you worry that you bought the wrong color, know that the layer is paraffin wax that the factory uses to keep your pie iron free from rust while it’s in storage and transit.

Before cooking with your pie iron, you’ll want to burn off the paraffin coating and then apply a layer of oil to the iron. The oil prevents food from sticking to your pie iron.

The more you use your pie iron, the more it will become seasoned from the oils in the foods that you use. If you season it well, to begin with, your pie iron will last for generations.

  • How to season your pie iron, step by step

1. Melt off the paraffin coating

The easiest way to melt off the paraffin coating of your pie iron is to heat it, open, over your grill (or your open fire), and let the heat do its thing.

You’ll want to do this outside, as the process of removing the paraffin is a smoky one.

Leave your pie iron on the heat for 15 minutes, and then flip it to heat the other side for 15 minutes more.

2. Remove any remaining traces of wax

Wait for your pie iron to cool, and then wash it in warm, soapy water. 

Note: This is the only time you’ll want to use soap on your pie iron. We are using it here to remove traces of paraffin – once you oil it, you want that oil to stay soaked into the cast iron. Using soap to clean it in between cooking defeats the purpose of coating it with oil to season it (which you’re about to do after you’ve washed off the rest of the wax).

3. Quickly apply oil to your pie iron

You’ll want to dry your pie iron quickly and then immediately coat it with oil or shortening (like Crisco or similar). Drying it and coating it with oil will prevent rust from forming.

4. Heat your pie iron again

Now you’ll want to bake in the oil. Place both halves of your pie iron onto the grill again, with the concave side facing up. Let it heat for 5 minutes before flipping and heating it for another 5 minutes on the other side.

You’ll see that once your first coating of fat has baked into the metal, your pie iron should start to look blacker than before. 

5. Apply three more coats of oil

Let your pie iron cool, and then apply another coat of oil or shortening. Bake it for 5 minutes per side, as before, and then let it cool to apply another coat of oil.

Do this until your pie iron has had 4 coats of oil in total.

By the fourth coat of baked-in oil, your pie iron should have a glossy black appearance.

What to do once your pie iron is seasoned

Your pie iron is now ready to use for some delicious pie iron recipes!

If you use your pie iron regularly, you shouldn’t have to season it again. All you need do is wipe it clean after every use with a paper towel (don’t wash it with water and soap).

If you notice that it is no longer shiny on the inside due to the oil coating, you may want to rub in some oil with a paper towel. Heat it once – 5 minutes per side – and it will be ready again for action.

If you don’t use it for an extended period or see that it starts to develop any rust spots, simply remove the spots with some steel wool and re-season it.

What can I make with a pie iron?

There are so many fabulous recipes that you can make with a pie iron! Here are some ideas to inspire you:• Calzone-style pizzas• Grilled cheese sandwiches• Breakfast cinnamon rolls• Omelets• Chicken pot pies• Tacos• Fruit pies• Cookies• French Toast• S’mores, And many more!


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