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Part 2 How To Start A Blog That Makes Money


Part 2 How To Start A Blog That Makes Money

So you recently started your blog, now what? In this segment we are going to go over Content, theme, logo, And plug ins. Let’s get into Part 2 How To Start A Blog That Makes Money.

Part 2 is all about Content, theme, logo, And plug ins. If you haven’t created your blog yet, see part 1 here.

Step 1 Theme 

Your theme is the basic layout of how your website looks.

There are 100s of free ones and just as many that aren’t free. When I first started I spent like 200$ on a theme because the course I was taking suggested I did. 

I was told this was very important! What I didn’t know was that the only reason I was being persuaded to do so was that blogger made a commission from my purchase of that theme. 

So I’m here to tell you that you in fact do not need to spend money on a theme whatsoever! If you have the money to do so go right ahead! There are beautiful themes with many benefits for sale.

But in my experienced opinion, this is one area where spending money isn’t necessary. While Starting your blog you will be tempted to spend money on many things! Your website theme doesn’t need to be one of them!

I’m currently using a free theme on both my websites. Just log into Bluehost and wordpress, go to appearance, click on themes. Choose any free theme you like and install. You can always spend money on a nicer one later if you really want to.

Part 2 How To Start A Blog That Makes Money

Step 2 Logo

Your logo is your websites image.

It’s what shows up in google search when people are coming across your website. This is my second example of where I initially spent money when I didn’t need to!

Here is my current FREE logo I made with Canva.

Anyreasonlife Logo

You can make a free logo for yourself super easy! When I first started I was directed to to pay someone to make my logo. And no shade towards fiverr, they do have great artists and you can get designs made for as little as 5$.

However it’s totally unnecessary in my experienced opinion. There are many other things you could save money to invest in your business, other than a logo. 

So if you want a fancy logo designed by a digital media artist definitely head over to But if this isn’t something you want to waste money on right now, let’s head over to the free app Canva!

Watch the 1 minute instructional video on how to make an awesome free Logo using Canva

How To Create Your Free Logo

Step 3 Plugins 

Plugins are helpful tools that can improve the functionality of your blog.

There are a few free plugins I recommend as essential before going live. The first is Yoast SEO (free plan, no upgrades necessary)

Yeast SEO will help you write your content SEO optimized from the very beginning. It gives you a score at the bottom of your posts with regards to key words, word count, and readability.

Another plugin I would recommend would be one to help you grow an email list. Subscribers are a huge part of overall traffic and ultimate profits. I use mailchimp at the moment.

Other email subscriber plugins include constant contact and pop up builder. I will talk about other plug ins later on in regards to other successful blogging tips. This is because different plugins work for different people and blogs. 

Step 4 Content

Regardless of your niche you need to have good quality content in order to make real money with your blog.

Now that doesn’t mean it has to be some masterpiece novel. Quite the opposite actually.

You want to write your blog like you are chatting with your friends. Pick around 10 topics to write out as 10 separate posts. Once you have those posts ready, that’s when you should go live! 

So how long should each post be? Each of your blog posts should be a minimum of 300 words. Furthermore research shows that certain types of blogs rank better when they have a word count of 1000-1500 words. 

There are benefits to shorter content blogs (300) and longer ones (1500). 300 word count blogs are easier to create on a regular basis. They are also easier to read and be absorbed by readers.

Longer word count blogs seem to rank better in some niches. Readers tend to stay on your website longer.

Cons of long posts is that it’s harder to maintain by yourself.

Especially if you’re not a professional writer. For example my original blog is a recipe blog. My readers may be interested in my content of recipe information. Such as nutritional benefits of dates for example.

However they are mainly coming for the actual recipe and good quality food pictures. Therefore my recipe blog posts tend to be between 300-600 words.

However as you see, these informational posts are longer. Usually between 600-900 words. Sometimes I’ll go back and add a few sentences and update an older post to boost it in ranking. Read more about the pros and cons of content length here.

Thanks for reading Part 2 How To Start A Blog That Makes Money. I hope you learned a lot about Content, theme, logo, blog photos, And plug ins. If you have any questions please join my new Facebook group “How To Be A Successful Blogger.” 

I will respond to any posts and comments within 12-24 hours!

Anyreasonlife contains advertisements. if you click an ad I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. Advertisements helps Anyreasonlife bring you more great content. thanks for your support.


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