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How To Make Paper Plate Clocks


How To Make Paper Plate Clocks

This tutorial on how to make paper plate clocks is perfect for teaching younger kids to tell time. It’s also a fun educational non electronic boredom buster. You only need a few very simple household items to make these clocks. Get these paper plate crafts for kids tutorial below.

When my kids and I were making these paper plate crafts for kids I realized I didn’t have the right kind of tacks. You definitely want the kind where the backs hold to the side. So we just ended up tacking it to the wall. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

I’m starting real life homeschool on Monday! So far I’ve only really been doing fun and silly arts and crafts. Although ones like “how to make paper plate clocks” is educational, my 8 year old needs more structure for his education. 

This learning activity teaches kids to tell time!

All you need to make paper plate crafts for kids

is one paper plate, an index card (or some type of thick paper to make the pointy arrows), colored pencils, and a tack. 

Instead of colored pencils you could also use crayons or markers. You can even use number stickers or paint to make the clocks. How to make paper plate clocks:

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How To Make Paper Plate Crafts

  1. Draw The Times

    Draw the correct numbers on the inside circle of the paper plate. It helps to make the 12 and 6 first, and then fill in the rest of the numbers.

  2. Decorate

    Next, decorate the rest of the paper plate clocks however you want (or your kids want!)

  3. Make The Arrows

    On an index card (or another type of thick paper) draw two arrows, one about 1/2 inch longer than the other one. Cut the two arrows out.

  4. Finish

    Tack the arrows in the very center of the plate so that the arrows are able to move around and point to the time!

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