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How To Home School For Beginners


How To Home School For Beginners

Many parents in the US and elsewhere are feeling a bit anxious about homeschool. Due to the fact that all the schools are closed at the moment we have to figure out how to keep our kids occupied and educated at the same time. If you’re anything like me, you’re wondering how to home school? I’m in California, but it’s pretty similar from state to state.

  • 1. Work books and worksheets

I recently ordered some inexpensive work books for 2nd graders. For me this seems like a simple resource because it’s compact, it has numbered pages, and I don’t have to worry about my 8 year old losing a bunch of separate sheets. Using age appropriate workbooks is an easy way on how to homeschool. 

Print your own worksheets at home like these free kindergarten aged math worksheets.

Free Kindergarten Worksheets
  • 2. Tutorial Videos And Webinars

How to homeschool is so simple with online videos, tutorials, and webinars. Think about this, there was an entire community of homeschoolers before the schools closed. These people are already experts! 

Homeschool Pop publishes YouTube videos on a wide variety of educational subjects

No Williams hosts lunchtime doodles on YouTube 

Additionally, Sesame Street is providing special resources at this time such as, including a virtual hug from Elmo and short cartoons about washing hands and caring for each other. 

Teach kids about animals and nature with these live webcams.

  • 3. Read Alouds, Podcasts, and Audio Books

There is a huge group of authors hosting read alouds during this home time. They certainly know how to homeschool.

Even more read alouds are available as well.

Do you need help creating a schedule for your children’s home school plan?

4. Free Printables And Worksheets

Worksheets are great because they’re tangible work they can sit down and do. While videos are great, sometimes our mind can wonder. That’s why I love using worksheets for homeschool.

5. DIY Arts And Crafts

How to home school with arts and crafts! Arts and crafts are my favorite subject obviously because it’s fun and easy. This baking soda and vinegar reaction is fun for toddlers up to preteens. You only need 3 simple ingredients to make the blue volcano bubbles.

Galaxy Blue Baking Soda And Vinegar Reaction

Are you looking for some easy corn starch crafts? This boredom buster 3 Ingredient Recipe For colorful Playdough is fun for toddlers up to preteens. It was fun for me the homeschool teacher as well!

Boredom Busters: 2 Ingredient Recipe For Playdough

Corn starch is amazing for arts and crafts like homemade chalk.

Homemade Chalk

This edible non toxic water paint is fun to mix colors, teach about primary and secondary colors, and just make a whole mess!

Water Color Paint For Kids

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