Easy Homeschool Schedule For Beginners


Easy Homeschool Schedule For Beginners

Wow this has never happened before in my lifetime! I am the last person who ever thought I would be homeschooling my kids. It’s not something I would ever chose to do if I had the choice anyway. Not because homeschool is bad, but because I lack the patience and consistency of the wonderful teachers out there. This easy homeschool schedule for beginners will give you an idea how to conduct teaching at home, with multiple free resources as well. Take a look at my homeschool schedule for beginners.

However it has become apparent that I need a homeschool schedule if I want my kids to be educated over the next few months. Which of course I do! I told

my kids they can enjoy their “spring break” time, but then we are getting serious about the homeschool schedule. This gives me plenty of time to figure it out as well!

  1. Mornings (wake up, breakfast, get dressed)

It’s important to wake up at the same time Monday through Friday to keep a consistent homeschool schedules girl doing homeschool schedule for beginners. Waking up, eating breakfast, getting dressed, and brushing their teeth are all important factors in sticking to the schedule. I don’t allow any electronics until “after school” on weekdays.

2. First Class Of The Day (Math- Start “class” at the same time everyday)

My kids and I wake up at 7:30 am Monday through Friday. I make them breakfast then get myself ready for the day. Next, the kids rinse their dishes, brush their teeth, then get dressed. We start the first “class” by 9:00am.

There are a wide variety of online educational resources for children if all age groups.

homeschool schedule for beginners

My son is 8 years old and in the 2nd grade. We start with age appropriate math work. I have him work on math print outs or a work book for 45 minutes straight, then I come check his work.

Here are some FREE resources for homeschool math work for any age and skill level.



3. Work Review And Break/Recess

At this time of the day during homeschool schedule for beginners (approximately 9:45am) we spend about 15 minutes reviewing his work and answering any questions he has. Then he gets “recess” at 10:00am for 15 minutes. During recess he can have a snack, play with his baby sister, go in the backyard, etc (but still not TV, video games, etc because he can’t do that at school either).

  4. Second Class Of The Day (Arts, Crafts, Science)

It’s 10:15 am when it’s time for the second class of the day. I like to do a fun craft or experiment at this time! The other day we made “gravity goo” and today we are making a baking soda volcano. However you can create any age appropriate craft or science type experiment you like. I spend another 45 minutes on the second “class.”

Here are some fun resources for elementary aged kids:



You can even have them watch free educational YouTube videos, for example:

    5. Third Class Of The Day (reading, writing, spelling)

This is the time (11:00am to 11:45am) I use for reading, writing, and spelling words. He reads an age appropriate book for 20 minutes then tells me about what he read. When he was in school he has a spelling test every Friday so that’s what I do at home.

I choose 20 age appropriate spelling words for him to study throughout the week at, and he gets a quiz on Friday. Third class of the day is also when he practices hand writing and grammar for this homeschool schedule for beginners.

Here are some free resources


  6. Lunch Time!

At 11:45am I make my kids lunch an let them play around, but still not technology until after school is over.

    7. 12:30 to 2:20pm – Review And Study

After lunch my son spends 20 minutes reviewing math, 20 minutes reviewing science, and 20 minutes reading. 1:30pm to 1:45pm is last break/recess. 1:45pm to 2:20pm he studies his spelling words.

8. “Home Economics” 2:20- 3:00pm

Home Economics Class!

This is mommy’s brilliant little idea lol. So during home economic class your kids spend 45 minutes doing whatever chores you prefer. They can do laundry, clean their rooms, sweep the floors, etc. It is part of the school day and my kids have to do the chores in order to have their privileges!

      9. Friday Quizzes

On Friday I give my son the relevant spelling word and math tests. I grade them properly and return them to him just like in school.

In conclusion anyone can easily create a homeschool schedule and curriculum. Most of us never though in a million years we would have to homeschool our children. But here we are, facing a new situation we’ve never seen before. We will rise to the occasion and so will our kids.

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