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Coffee Filter Flying Butterflies Arts & Crafts


Coffee Filter Flying Butterflies Arts & Crafts

Coffee filter flying butterflies is a super inexpensive and simple arts and crafts activity. It was a peaceful quiet indoor activity at that! My kids and I sat down and silently colored these filters which gave me a rest from the craziness. These butterfly crafts with coffee filters are great for kids especially preschoolers. 

I am at home with two kids, the younger one is smack dab in the peak of her terrible twos. She’s extremely demanding and adorable at the same time. Nevertheless I’m exhausted. She likes arts and crafts but not quite organized enough to make it a peaceful activity.

While making these butterfly crafts for kids with coffee filters my 3 year old was antagonizing my 8 year old. She would not let him color his butterfly! She thinks it funny to snatch everything in his hands and then run away. 

Needless to say he gets frustrated with his baby sister when he’s actually trying to focus on something like arts and crafts. I give her time outs but she doesn’t seem to get it yet. Regardless of their age difference and sibling rivalries, they love each other very much. 

This arts and crafts activity is great for preschoolers and kids

Butterfly crafts for kids

It makes my heart melt when I see them getting along. After the fighting during butterfly crafts for preschoolers and kids was over, they had lunch together. She offered him her apple slice and he said thank you sister! And she gave him a big hug. I love moment like that, it makes me so proud to be their mom. 

Another great thing about

butterfly crafts for preschoolers is that the clean up is pretty minimal. For example we did tie dye water colors the other day and I still haven’t gotten all the purple out of the tile in the kitchen! Get these simple directions below!
See The Tutorial Here

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Make these coffee filter butterflies flap their wings when gently attached to long thin craft sticks.

  1. Trace Outline

    Using a cone shaped coffee filter, draw the shape of a butterfly wing with the edges pointing towards the opening. Cone shaped coffee filters are important to use for this craft.

  2. Cut The Wings

    Cut the space around the butterfly wing and discard the scraps

  3. Cut Ridges

    Cut the ridged edge under the smaller wing off and discard

  4. Cut One More Time

    Then cut the edge by the larger wing apart as well

  5. Decorate

    Flip the coffee filter over to color and decorate, you want the little ridged edge underneath to attach to the stick. Color and/ or decorate any way you want, you can use crayons, markers, colored pencils, stickers, etc.

  6. Attach Stick

    Tape or glue to a long thin stick to make the wings flap

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