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Arts and crafts activities for kids and how to home school and teach from home is a fun category at Anyreasonlife lifestyle blog. I have two young children at home myself and I’m a work from home mom. I am always looking for non electronic activities for my kids to learn and be creative at home. We have arts and crafts tutorials and activities such as how to make chalk, Playdough, baking, and more.

Homeschool tips and tricks like scheduling and resources for home education. How to homeschool can be difficult for beginners however it’s so simple to learn very quickly. My favorite subjects to teach at homeschool is arts and crafts, math, reading, physical education, and home economics! You get kids are easy to teach, they love doing family activities.

My kids favorite craft activities include making finger paint, creating with cardboard, and science projects. Learning activities for kids and parents can be easy and very fun. Art teaches kids to be creative and use their imaginations, Crafts teaches them to use their hands, and coordination. Educational homeschool resources can teach them anything from reading, writing, math, science and more.

Mom life and parenting category has a variety of posts on these subjects
Mom life and parenting category is one of my favorite things to blog post about. I have two lovely kids. One boy and one girl. My son is almost 8 years old and my daughter is only 18 months.
That can seem like a large age difference at those ages. While my son is learning multiplication my daughter is learning to say her first sentences. Her favorite words seem to be hi, no, and yay.

Other things I want to blog about in this category include blended families and step parenting. My husband is the step father to my son. He is the best step father there is. I’m so grateful to have a husband like him.

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