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American Flag Pom Pom Craft


American Flag Pom Pom Craft

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This red white and blue arts and craft is easy and fun for kids to do. They can put them in their hair, use as a key chain, or just a simple decoration. This fun patriotic diy crafts for kids is perfect for 4th of July! See my instructions below for how to make pom poms!

All you need to make pom poms is yarn and scissors. You can use any colors of yarn you want but for patriotic pom poms you need red white and blue! My kids and I had fun making this arts and craft activity for 4th of July.

However our 3 cats made it a little difficult! They were under the impression that the yarn was for them to play with. So while we were trying our best to wrap the yarn properly our cats were attacking our hands! 

DIY pom poms with yarn do make amazing cat toys! Our cats were having a blast chasing the yarn and messing with us the entire time we were working. Nevertheless we had a good time. 

My daughter put these red white and blue yarn Pom poms in her hair like little bows. It’s was super adorable I need to get some pictures of her. Okay so below is the step by step instructions on how to make pom poms.

Easy instructions on how to make pom poms below!

Time needed: 45 minutes.

How To Make Patriotic Pom Poms

  1. Start Wrapping The Yarn

    Start by wrapping one layer of the red yarn around your four fingers on one of your handso

  2. Leave Some Loose

    Leave about 6 inches of yarn unwrapped and available to cinch the center

  3. Tuck Between Fingers

    Tuck the loose unwrapped yarn end under and beneath the wrapped yarn and between your 4 fingers: see the photos for example

  4. Make Layers

    Now do the exact same thing with the white yarn, then again with the blue yarn

  5. 3 Layers

    You should now have three layers of yarn wrapped around your 4 fingers 

  6. Remove From Fingers

    Now slowly remove the yarn from your fingers while maintaining shape

  7. Cinch The Center

    Simultaneously cinch the center and tie it tight

  8. Cut Loops

    Take your scissors and cut the loops 

  9. Add A Braid

    I also like to braid the three lose yarns 

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