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7 Easy Ways To Teach Kids Self Esteem


7 Easy Ways To Teach Kids Self Esteem

It’s easy to help your kids have confidence! It just takes consistency and love. Let’s look at these 7 Easy Ways To Teach Kids Self Esteem.

  1. Catch them doing something good
7 Easy Ways To Teach Kids Self Esteem Giving compliments

Anytime you see your kids doing normal things such as homework, putting their dish in the sink, throwing their trash away without being asked, give them an enthusiastic thank you! Thank you for throwing your trash away without being asked Mason! Believe it or not it builds self esteem for kids.

I tell my 7 year old son. Not only am I reinforcing tidiness but he’s building self esteem. Being recognized for everyday type good behavior is an easy effective way to get them feeling good about themselves. It builds confidence for children.

I know that anytime my husband thanks me for something simple like cleaning the bathroom I feel appreciated.

Kids really need to be recognized for their good behavior to build self esteem.

I actually feel good about myself even as an adult. Especially since I don’t do it as often as maybe I should! Those are the days I actually think hey maybe I am a good house keeper (I’m not)

Otherwise it’s too easy for them to think “why am I bothering to do this meaningless activity?” They can’t see into the future to predict how finishing their science homework will benefit them in the future.

Telling your kids how proud you are of their grade or being nice to their sibling or friend helps them have high self esteem.

2. Help them learn a new skill

Learning a new skill is 7 Easy Ways To Teach Kids Self Esteem

Learning a new skill boosts everyone’s self esteem. I know that when I learn something new regarding my blog or technical skill I feel awesome. I’m like yes! I can do anything now! Haha. Another way to give self esteem for kids.

So imagine how a child feels when they actually accomplish something they couldn’t previously do. If your kid is reading help them learn to read a harder book. These little things Build self esteem for kids.

7 Easy Ways To Teach Kids Self Esteem

Or teach them how to plant a small flower, or better yet, clean something new! Such as learning to make their own bed with fitted sheets, load the dish washer, or fold laundry. Great ways to teach self esteem for kids.

What it’s really like living with a toddler

3. After school activities 

After school activities are one of 7 Easy Ways To Teach Kids Self Esteem

There are so many after school activities such as boys and girls program, sports, art, dance, and more. Basically anything you can imagine can be an activity for your kid.

These activities fill up all that extra time after school that otherwise are occupied playing video games and watching tv. Maybe you have a better schedule than I do as a mom.

After school activities build self esteem for kids

Because when we’re at home, after homework is done, it’s basically a free for all until bedtime. That is one of the main reasons I have my 7 year old signed up for soccer in the fall.

It’s going to keep both him and myself on a better family schedule. Soccer will teach him teamwork and responsibility. He will also learn some athletic skills hopefully!

4. Show them examples of easy ways to help others

7 Easy Ways To Teach Kids Self Esteem Helping others

Something very important I have learned in recovery from alcoholism is that helping others helps me. No one has lower self esteem than an addict trying to sober up. You feel like a failure in life.

In the last 3 years of sobriety

I’ve learned that the greatest way to create my own joy and feel good about myself is being of service to others. Kids can easily do nice things to build self esteem.

Teaching your kids to help others is a total confidence booster.

Not to mention helping them become decent human beings into adult hood. Encourage them to help their classmates if they’re struggling with something. Helping others can give self esteem for kids.

Take your kids to donate items to the less fortunate. Maybe they have old clothes, shoes, and toys they no longer use. Give them to the Salvation Army, goodwill, and thrift stores. Show them how being kind builds confidence in themselves.

You can advertise them for free on Facebook marketplace that way they are completely free instead of being resold at the previous mentioned locations. One time I put up an ad for free used maturity clothes I no longer needed and a young pregnant woman responded. It felt so good to donate those items to her.

She was so grateful for them also. Just involve your kids in the transaction. Always meet strangers in a public place just FYI.

Showing your kids how to help others is a great Easy Way To Teach Kids Self Esteem.

5. Suggest they give a classmate (maybe someone that is not their favorite person) a compliment 

What’s easier than using your words to say something nice? It’s free and convenient. But complimenting your friends is something you do already. Encourage your child to Kick it up a notch by complimenting someone they don’t know that well in class. Complimenting someone new can give self esteem for kids.

Plus they may even make a new friend. It will make them feel good to make others feel good. Encourage them to Compliment a classmate they think is really smart about a particular subject. Suggest they say something like “hey billy* I think it’s really cool how you know so much about xyz.” 

Take complementing to the highest level. Suggest they compliment a classmate that they don’t like! Is there a girl in class who is rude? Maybe she gossiped about your kid or maybe there’s a boy who made fun of your kid once at recess.

For whatever reason your kid doesn’t like this other student, giving them a sincere compliment will help them to build self esteem. For one they will learn problem solving skills. They will learn that harboring anger and Resentments feels terrible especially in comparison to being kind.

Being kind by saying something nice to another student is a great easy way to build self esteem.

6. Make them earn money, toys, and privileges with household chores

7 Easy Ways To Teach Kids Self Esteem Doing chores

Most of the time it’s so much easier to just do it for them. This refers to literally everything. From making their food, washing their clothes, cleaning their room, etc. Accomplishing chores helps grow self esteem for kids.

And if you’re anything like me you’re not the most patient person in the world. All you moms out there who are always patient with their kids trying to do something simple like wash their own dish, I admire you!

I had to put a lot of effort into having the patience in the best interest of my kid. But now he makes his own breakfast in the morning, gets himself dressed, and packs his own lunch for school.

He is allowed 20$ per month allowance which he spends on video games and toys mostly. But he has to earn it. If he doesn’t complete these chores he doesn’t get the money. Furthermore I have an X system. Anytime he is disrespectful or disobedient he gets an X. Each X subtracts 1$ from his allowance.

We also have him do simple chores such as “help” taking out the trash. Which at this point is simply him walking out with my husband as he puts the trash bags into the big cans and tolling it out to the curb in trash day.

Not only is he learning discipline but he knows the money he does get was earned with good behavior and house hold chores.

7. Never hit, scream, or name call.

Listen, I’m no Dr. Phil or social worker but I know violence and verbal abuse is the worst things you can do to a child’s self esteem. These behaviors cause feelings of chaos and hopelessness. Children need to feel safe and secure at home. 

Hitting teaches them violence is the answer to anger and frustration. Which may cause them to be violent to others. Screaming instills anxiety and fear. Furthermore calling your child names like stupid or dumb makes them think those things about themselves.  

I recall a family member calling his child those names when the child was having a hard time doing their homework. It killed me inside but I couldn’t do anything about it. The kid was crying so hard trying to figure out his math questions. Definitely do not hit, scream, or name call your children. Nothing hurts kids self esteem and confidence more than this.

Thanks for reading my 7 Easy Ways To Teach Kids Self Esteem

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