6 Cheap Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer

6 Cheap Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer!

Are you excited for summer? What about having your kids home all day every day? You will love this list of 6 Cheap Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer.

Summer vacation is like a 3 month long weekend. How exciting….. for them. What are you going to do with them being home from school everyday?

Arcades, waterparks, and going to the movies can really add up. And only consumes a few days out of the entire summer. So let’s think outside the box and talk about the cheap or free activities we can do with our lovely family this summer.

Library Near You

Going to the library is a cheap thing to do with your kids this summer

Believe it or not your public library has a lot of activities to participate in. All of which are kid friendly education activities. First of all there are hundreds of books to read!

For parents and kids. It’s likely air conditioned in the building. What’s better for kids than a cool building filled with books and games during the summer. You can sit down and read a fun book or do a puzzle.

Furthermore they always have scheduled events at the library. Such as family story time, puppet shows, and arts and crafts. All of which are educational and will inspire learning in your kids. 


These kid activities are cheap and easy to do!

Beaches/Lakes can be 1 of the 6 Cheap Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer

Going to the beach is a cheap thing To Do With Your Kids This Summer!

Public beaches are totally free. And depending on how far you live you’re basically just paying for gas and parking. The closer you park to the beach the more expensive the parking.

So if you’re willing to walk a little bit from your car you can find fairly cheap or free parking. Let your kids bring some toys from home. Pack a cooler with lunch and snacks.

You and your kids will have a blast for approximately 0$ just digging up shells and sand. Running back and forth from the waves, and spending quality time together. 

Writing this post up reminded me of a time when I was still a single mom with my son. He was around 4 years old when I took him to the beach just him and me.

Well I guess we didn’t rinse him off well enough because when we got all the way back to the car he started to complain about the sand on his body. My poor baby had all these beach sand stuck to his private areas!

And he didn’t let me know until we were very far from the beach showers. Probably because it didn’t bother him until he dried up and walked a little bit. By this time his areas started to chafe and turn red.

I felt so bad for him. I was dumping all the bottles water on the areas and trying to help him wipe it with a towel. As soon as we got home I got him in a nice soothing bath. 

Have A Day At The Park for 1 of these 6 Cheap Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer

My point is make sure you’re better prepared than I was. Bring extra clothes, towels, and rinse off all the way! Also Bring your sunscreen! If you don’t live anywhere near a body of water just have a picnic in the park.

Parks are another free activity to do with your kids this summer. But plan a day out of it. Usually when I take the kids to the park it’s about an hour tops.

They play around on the equipment while I look at Facebook on my phone. Rather than making it a get in get out activity, pack a few essentials and make a day of it.

Bring water guns! Water guns are really cheap, they have them at the dollar store. Water balloons make a whole mess you have to clean.

However water guns are refillable and fun. Another benefit us moms get is a little exercise running around squirting these kids. At least that’s what I tell myself to get motivated and go.

The last time I did water gun fights at the park many other kids wanted to join. So if you can afford it bring like 10 or more 1$ water guns. This way more kids can join and you can sit down and look at Facebook on your phone!

The water gun fight will surely get them hungry, and guess what? You packed lunch. Now the whole family can sit down on a bench or blanket and eat together.

I’m not bringing extra food for all those other kids from the water gun fight though.  Feed your own kids people lol.

One last thing you can do to prolong your day at the park is bring a laptop or tablet. Sit in the shade and watch a movie before going home. 

Keep scrolling for these affordable activities for kids!


Camping is a cheap RVing is one of the 6 Cheap thing To Do With Your Kids This Summer!

The great thing about Camping is that it’s fun and cheap. Summer is a great time to go camping because you don’t have to worry about being freezing cold at night. In the morning you can make breakfast on a grill.

Like pancakes or eggs. During the day you can go exploring the area and at night you can make s’mores around a camp fire. Many areas have cheap camping areas with bathrooms and fire pits. 

Check out these free and cheap camping locations:

Free and cheap camping!

Rent An RV

RVing is one of the 6 Cheap Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer!

Maybe you’re not big on tents and wilderness. Or maybe you just like a little more luxury during your camping trip. Did you know you can rent a used RV?

RVs are great because it comes with beds, a bathroom, a fridge, and the ability to cook fresh food. Furthermore you can drive it wherever you want to go.

Find a campsite with full RV hook up here.

Air BnB

Maybe you prefer staying in doors. Don’t feel bad so do I! Especially when it’s so hot outside. Hotels are lovely but can be very expensive or too dumpy. 

People all over the country are looking to rent out their properties to vacationers. You can find rentals near the beach, by the city, in the forest, literally anywhere you want to go! 


Thank you for reading my article!

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