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5 Easy Fulfilling Commitments For Newcomers


5 Easy Fulfilling Commitments For Newcomers In Addiction Recovery

Being of service to others in sobriety can give you hope, self esteem, and teach us dependability. That’s why I love these 5 Easy Fulfilling Commitments For Newcomers.

Starting the sobriety journey comes with a mix of emotions! It’s exciting, scary, stressful, intimidating, among a thousand other feelings. One important aspect of continuing the good vide feels in early sobriety is being of service.

Simple things many of us addicts have lost or never had in the first place. The good news is it’s easy and free to gain these skills and build character at meetings (NA, AA, CA, etc).

One of the first things I recommend you do other than get a sponsor and start step work is get a commitment! There are many easy commitments for newcomers that will help you stay sober, build self esteem and develop life skills. 

I have done all of these at one time or another!

Door Greeter is the perfect 1 of these 5 Easy Fulfilling Commitments For Newcomers.

What like they have at Walmart? Yes! Just like Walmart. Many of us lack social skills. Furthermore we often have anxiety and stress in social situations.

Well guess what?! By you simply standing at the door welcoming others into a meeting you are relieving them of anxiety and fear of entering. You are being of service with a simple smile, hello, hug, or handshake.

I can’t tell you how many times my enthusiasm for a meeting was boosted because someone at the door looked me in the eyes, smiled, and said “hello!” It’s the best. 

Coffee Maker

Make sure there is fresh coffee at the meeting!

Okay maybe you’re not ready for eye contact lol. That’s okay, you can easily do something more low key. Such as make fresh pots of coffee and hot water for teas.

We may be sober from drugs and alcohol, but we need our caffeine!! Many people at meetings are stressed out or maybe had a bad day. You can be of service to them by making sure there is always coffee at the ready.

Most meetings already have coffee so this wouldn’t cost you at all! However if you wanted to go the extra step and you have the ability, you can always contribute with coffee beans, creamer, or cups.

Like I said this part isn’t necessary at all. However if you can afford it you can pick up somethings like a special flavored creamer or tea bags. Many people who are still struggling financially in life would be blessed by a tasty French vanilla creamer.

And you would greatly be of service by providing it. Even the dollar tree has creamers and teas. Guess what else dollar tree has?? Snacks!

Bring Snacks

Pick up some chocolate chip cookies from the dollar store for the meeting!

You don’t even have to be “appointed” this commitment. Just find a meeting you like and bring some food! This was my first commitment ever.

I was a self appointed cookie girl at my favorite women’s meeting. And I took this very seriously. They even offered to reimburse me from the 7th tradition.

But I was able to afford it and insisted on paying for it myself. This brought me a lot of pride in early sobriety. It may sound silly, but it’s these little things that build self esteem and character. 

If you can afford it simply pick up some cookies or snacks from the dollar store or wherever. Some people rely on food at meetings.

Help Clean Up as 1 of 5 Easy Fulfilling Commitments For Newcomers

Get your mop! Let’s clean up the meeting lol

This is very helpful to the whole meeting. Just hang out afterwards, you can smile and say “have a nice day” to people if you want lol. If not just start putting chairs against the wall.

Throw away wrappers and paper cups, Empty the coffee grinds, Or Wipe tables. This could also be a time to quietly talk with other people who linger after the meeting. Perhaps ask someone to sponsor you. This is another way to humbly be of service. 

Share During The Meetings
Are you ready to share? Just raise your hand!

This is more of a commitment To yourself. I know it can feel scary. But there are people in that meeting who will be inspired by your share. There are newcomers more new than you. If you can share maybe they will feel the courage to share.

Once you become a regular at a specific meeting other commitments could possible include leading the meeting, handing out chips (30 days, 90 days, etc.), or treasurer. 

In early sobriety I highly suggest going to 90 meetings in 90 days.

Get a commitment, get a sponsor, and start your step work! These are just suggestions and there are many programs out there. However my experience is this.

I’m approaching my 3rd year of sobriety from drugs and alcohol. I was a black out drunk who progressed to pills and cocaine. The middle of my addiction Years were spent being a slave to pills such as OxyContin and other opiates.

I quickly progressed to heroin and meth. By the end of my serious using I was homeless and injecting meth. I’ve been to rehabs and sober livings.

I’ve done counseling and therapy as well. All of which are great tools. However the one and only thing that truly gave me recovery was the 12 steps of NA/AA (let’s face it they’re the same basic program).

Detox is so helpful and for many medically necessary. Rehab is so helpful in helping you get on your feet.

But without continuing a program relapse in imminent.

Wherever you are in your sobriety journey I’m proud of you. Feel free to contact me for sobriety related questions or comments. Thanks!

If you have any other commitment ideas for newcomers leave a comment! 


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