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40 Easy Arts & Crafts Learning Activities For Kids

40 Easy Arts & Crafts Learning Activities For Kids

Parents all over the world are looking for arts and crafts activities for kids at the moment. I’m doing my best to keep my little ones occupied without electronics for most of the day. I especially love these amazing learning activities for kids because it’s educational as well. And of course the best ones are the fun children’s indoor activities because they’re easy, less messy, and fun. 

Arts and Crafts activities for kids like these coffee filter butterflies are great because it can occupy a few hours. Especially if you take plenty of time coloring a bunch of filters. 

Learning activities for kids like tie dye coffee filter paper flowers is a bit messier due to the water colors. If you have a toddler like I do, you’ll be in for a colorful day! This educational arts and crafts activity teaches kids about different colors and how they blend.

Children’s indoor activities like making a playhouse out of a single cardboard box is a fun and creative craft. It teaches kids patients and hands on building. 

My kids and I did this DIY water color paint in the backyard because my toddler is incapable of not spilling! The colors were beautiful and we painting the concrete by the driveway. 

Learning activities for kids like 3 ingredient Playdough is a great boredom buster because they will love every minute of creating it. 

This awesome list of Arts and Crafts activities for kids includes 3 ingredient chalk! It’s simple to make as well. My kids and I drew pretty pictures on the driveway, which were easily rinsed off with the hose the next day. 

This little science experiment for kids only needs 3 ingredients. I used galaxy blue food coloring but you can use any color you want.

This tutorial on how to make paper plate clocks is perfect for teaching younger kids to tell time. It’s also a fun educational non electronic boredom buster. 

Check out these 50 plus math worksheet printables for kindergarten aged children. There is addition, subtraction, and color by numbers!

We also have over 50 free math worksheets for first graders.

Although this example of a pom poms Crafts is made for Fourth of July, you can use any color for any season!

This cute piggy arts and crafts activities for kids is fun and simple. It provides easy directions with a printable template!

This paper seahorse craft is one of my favorite learning activities for kids. That’s because your kids will be excited to learn more about the ocean and it’s creatures! 

Children’s indoor activities like this angler fish craft is a simple educational activity. It comes with a free printable so just print, cut and assemble.

Another one of these children’s indoor activities that your family will love are these frilly tissue paper butterflies. These elegant butterflies use tissue paper and pipe cleaner.

You only need 4 ingredients to make this Elmer’s glue slime. Make sure to follow the instructions about adding the activator to avoid overly sticky slime.

Your children will love playing with these toilet paper roll race cars! Arts and Crafts activities for kids like these are great for making use of household items. Like these racecars!

You only need 4 simple household ingredients to make this bubble foam. It’s so fun for the kids too! If you’re concerned about the mess, try making it in the backyard or use some old towels.

This jumping frog origami is fantastic for kids. This learning activity for kids provides free printable instructions that are perfect for elementary-ages and older children as well.

Children’s indoor activities like these homemade Harry Potter wands use use simple everyday items found around the house or the backyard.

Coloring is a calm, simple, children’s indoor activities. Check out this free printable coloring book with all the best Avengers heroes.

Have you ever tried painting with sunscreen? Check out the easy directions for this fun and creative activity.

Have you seen the newest Toy Story movie? Toy Story 4 has a funny silly character named Forky. My two year old thinks Forky is so funny, he made me giggle a few times as well!

Another Toy Story Favorite, this Slink Craft is silly and fun.

Other children’s indoor activities like cooking and baking can be fun and educational for kids as well. Learning simple cooking recipes is beneficial for kids because it builds self esteem and teaches life skills at the same time! For example this 4 ingredient oatmeal bake with Oreo cookies!

Or these no bake cereal bars.

Making fudge is another simple children’s indoor activities ideas.

These Cadbury Egg marshmallow dream bars are mouthwatering and perfect for Spring and Easter time.

Or try these little muffins made with sweet potatoes and white chocolate chips.


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