30 Minute Yoga At Home For Stress Relief


30 Minute Yoga At Home For Stress Relief

So many of us have more than enough time at home at the moment right? I’ve been trying so hard to be productive with this time, otherwise I might just go crazy. I would at least become a little (if not a lot) bummed out. These yoga poses are great for one person and beginners. Check out this 30 minute yoga at home for stress relief tutorial.

I actually almost became a yoga teacher. After doing a lot of yoga for about 2 years I decided I wanted to become certified to teach. I took the whole class but never finished the volunteer part and then just moved on to blogging! Unfortunately I can be a little fickle that way. But I can still use my experience to help other learn some Yoga poses for beginners.

Floor poses are great to start off any Yoga poses for beginners. You can start to get your muscles ready to stand, and your blood starts to flow. These type of poses are great for your back, neck, abs, and butt. 

Start by sitting crossed legged with a straight back.

Yoga Poses For Beginners

Then start doing deep breathing. Taking a few moments to do deep breathing is important for Yoga poses for stress relief. Deep breathing has many benefits including but not limited to decreasing stress, relieving pain, and stimulates the lymphatic system. Also deep breathing improves immunity, increases energy, and lowers blood pressure. 

Yoga at home

Deep breathing during yoga at home also improves digestion and corrects posture. 

The next important posture during yoga poses at home is having a straight back and tightening your core. Then slowly stretch to one side. Breath, and slowly stretch to the other side. Side stretching benefits you by balancing your body. Lengthening abdominal muscles, and improving flexibility of spine. It also lengthens and strengthens your thighs and hips. 

Yoga at home

The next Yoga poses for beginners is to cross one leg over the other, and do a sideways turn. Switch legs and stretch the other side. The next pose is forward stretch from a position of sitting on your heels. Don’t forget to tighten your core and buttocks. Stretch forward using your abdominal muscles, attempt to touch your forehead to the ground before your hands.

The next poses for stress relief are from a standing position. Gradually move your body into half warrior pose. 

Yoga at home

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