30 Easy Recipes For Kids And Family Dinner

30 Easy Recipes For Kids And Family Dinner

Making a meal the whole family will enjoy can be hard! Especially if you have picky eaters like I do! These easy family dinner ideas will change all that in your house! Not only will the adults love all these dishes so will the kiddos. That’s right these easy recipes for kids will have your little ones full and satisfied too! 

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Beef Cheese Casserole

For example this instant pot steak and potatoes is so simple to make and full of flavor. My kids adore the flavor combinations and always finish their plates!

My kids love this pan fried chicken with almond flour too.

Chicken With Cream Sauce

More instant pot recipes you will love include:

These easy family dinner ideas are so great I make them on a weekly based in my house. For example try this creamy potato soup with cheese and bacon. It’s perfect with some bread rolls and corn on the cob or a side of steamed broccoli.

easy crock pot potato soup

Other crock pot recipes you will adore:

Recipes for kids like these make life simpler!

This one pan dinner combines chicken tenderloins, spinach, and a homemade cream sauce for the perfect meal. The flavor combinations are heavenly and amazing. Plus you get a healthy dose of great spring vegetables!

Mac and cheese casserole

These easy recipes for kids to enjoy will excite everyone for dinner. For example try this other amazing pan fried chicken dish with spiral pasta noodles and cream sauce! It’s the perfect combination of protein, carbs, and comfort flavor!

rigatoni pasta with chicken one pan recipes

If you love boneless chicken wings these breaded instant pot bites smothered in homemade bbq sauce is what you’re looking for! Every bite is tastier than the last!

Boneless BBQ Wings

If you like these you will also love the Orange Chicken version.

These ricotta and beef stuffed shells are out of this world. The cheese is melted into the beef and stuffed into these large shell noodles. Kids and parents alike adore this dish. Easy family dinner ideas like pasta shells are always a favorite at the table.

Stuffed shells

If you like cheesy baked dinners you might also like:

Another dish with noodles you will love is this macaroni and cheese casserole with ground beef! It’s so tasty and filling making it great for families.

Ground Beef Pasta Bake

Casseroles make amazing easy recipes for kids because you can bake their favorite ingredients quick and easy in the oven. For example this chicken pasta and broccoli dish!

Pasta bake with broccoli and chicken

Easy family dinner ideas like chili make such a great dish. That’s because it’s filling and versatile.

Meaty Chili

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