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100 Free Printables Worksheets For Preschoolers


100 Free Printables Worksheets For Preschoolers

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These 100 free printables worksheets for preschoolers are the perfect learning activity. Preschool aged kids will have fun learning and creating with the wide variety of worksheets. Worksheets for pre kinder include letters, colors, math and more. They are completely free to print at home. 

This Google Docs file has 100 free printables worksheets for preschoolers. I made each one myself with preschoolers education in mind. You print them all at once, or pick and chose the ones you like. I love google docs because you can print everything at one or pick and choose your favorite work sheet.

These free worksheets for pre kinder include tracing words and coloring the matching picture. I also made sure to include about 20 printable worksheets with age appropriate math. 

Since preschoolers are starting to get familiar with math and number Anyreasonlife has created multiple greater than and less than number printables as well. Preschoolers can trace the alphabet, trace 1 through 100, and age appropriate words as well. 

I love giving my kids home school math like this. I can easily go over and check and score it. My kids are doing great even though we’re at home so much. They sure do miss their friends very much though. One little girl from my sons class keeps texting my phone from her moms phone asking for him! He absolutely refuses to call her! I feel bad but I’m not going to force him to call a girl he doesn’t like. Am I wrong, what would you do in that situation?

Today my 8 year old son did math and reading on the computer. I took my 2 year old in the backyard and tried to clean the patio. However as soon as I encountered a giant spider I decided it was time to go back inside. Especially considering the fact that my toddler had already removed her shoes and refused to put them back on. I wish she was old enough to assign worksheets for pre kinder!

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