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10 Reasons For Keto Weight Loss Stall


10 Reasons For Keto Weight Loss Stall

Before and after Keto weight loss pictures!

You’ve been shopping and eating low carb foods for weeks! You survived the Keto flu and doing everything right…. or so you thought. However you step in the scale and look down to a disappointing number. What are you possibly doing wrong? Let’s take a look at the 10 Reasons 10 Reasons For Keto Weight Loss Stall. Keep reading if you can’t lose weight on Keto.

Keto is a very popular diet! And why not? When done correctly it works really fast! So how can you ensure you’re doing it right?

  • 1. Dirty Keto

Dirty Keto recipes is when you’re eating a lot of processed unhealthy junk. I made this mistake at first too! A lot of unhealthy foods are low in carbs. Such as too much cheeses, bacon, and Keto desserts. Many of these types of foods contain little if any nutrients. Which could be a reason why you can’t lose weight on Keto.

Also it’s very easy to consume way too many calories. That’s one of the 10 Reasons for Keto Weight Loss Stall.

  • 2. You’re still overeating

To lose weight on any diet you still have to consume less calories than you burn. If you’re eating 1,000s of calories above what your body needs in a day you’re not going to lose weight. Even if it’s no carb foods. More reasons for your Keto Weight Loss Stall

  • 3. You’re not eating enough healthy fats
Salmon contains healthy fats

While on a low carb/Keto Diet you definitely needs fats. Fats are what keep you satiated and full. Healthy natural fats are great for multiple things. Such as brain and organ health. Eyesight and heart health are also benefited by healthy fats. Not eating enough fats can be responsible for no weight loss on keto.

More reason for your Keto Weight Loss Stall below

Since fats are required on the Keto Diet it’s so important to get healthy ones. Eating foods like salmon and avocado are very helpful. Eat healthy fats if you can’t lose weight on Keto.

  • 4. Not incorporating any healthy low carb fruits or vegetables
Berries are low in carbs

Some times people on Keto just eliminate all fruits and vegetables in attempt to keep carbs low. However that’s a huge mistake! There are low carb fruits and vegetables available.

Furthermore your body thrives on fresh Whole Foods. Eliminating them is a quick way to feel awful. Also it’s another quick way to ensure you get constipated! Eat more low carb fruit and vegetables to avoid no weight loss on keto.

  • 5. Too much protein

Eating too much protein on a Keto Diet can cause a Keto Weight Loss Stall. This is because some of protein’s amino acids will be turned into glucose. 

So how much protein SHOULD you eat? It is recommended to eat .45 grams or less of protein per pound that you weigh. For example that would be 70 grams of protein per day for a person who weighs 154 pounds. 

I love shrimp and they have zero carbs! Seafood is very healthy and I love eating it. But shrimp is very high in protein. About 21 grams of protein in one serving. So don’t eat more than one portion in a single day of you can’t lose weight on Keto.

  • 6. Too many cheat meals

Who doesn’t love a cheat meal! Maybe you lost some significant weight and thought it’s time for a cheat meal! Then the next day when you weighed yourself everything was fine! That cheat meal didn’t impact your weight loss one bit!

However maybe that set a low bar for cheat meals. Perhaps they become more frequent. And before you knew it you stopped losing weight! Or even worse gained a little back! So cut back on cheat meals if you can’t lose weight on Keto.

Make a strict schedule for cheat meals to avoid no weight loss on keto

And watch your portions! Or make your high carb cheat meals still on the healthy scale. Such as a lot of fruit with whipped cream. 

  • 7. You are accidentally over eating carbs

Are you sure you know how many carbs are in all your meals? What about the portion of the meal itself? One portion of something you’re eating could could have like 10 carbs, but if you accidentally over eat your portions multiple times, you could easily experience no weight loss in keto diet.

  • 8. Not drinking enough water

Are you dehydrated? I know I was letting myself get deprived of water when I first went Keto. Now I make a large jug of lemon water and keep it in the fridge. It’s extremely common to become dehydrated on the Keto Diet.

When you are in full ketosis and your body is producing ketones it causes frequent need to urinate. This also causes loss of too many electrolytes. Not drinking enough water can cause a Keto Weight Loss Stall.

Drinking water is so important in any diet but especially Keto. Water removes toxins and helps keep you satiated. Being dehydrated causes you to lose focus and not function at maximum capacity. Water also transports nutrients to all parts of your body. 

  • 9. Not getting enough salt/potassium/magnesium/Vitamin D

These nutrients are also called electrolytes. Sodium/salt is heavily lost through the frequent urination we already talked about. Incorporate sea salts and shell fish into your diet. 

Get more of these vitamins if you can’t lose weight on Keto.

Magnesium is also important to consume. I’ve been taking supplements. Low magnesium is what causes muscle cramps, insomnia, and overall pain. In order to consume more magnesium eat nuts, seeds, whole grains and dark green vegetables. Eat more pecans and spinach if you can’t lose weight on Keto.

Vitamin D fights disease, keeps bones healthy, reduces depression, and boosts weight loss. Depression is a quick route to giving up. Which takes us to the final reason you’re experiencing no weight loss on keto.

  • 10. Giving up too quickly

No diet is magic. Sometimes it takes time to get it right. But you know what never works? Giving up! So do not give up on Keto for weight loss.

Thanks for reading about the 10 reasons for a Keto Weight Loss Stall

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