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10 Best Keto Snacks On The Go

10 Best Keto Snacks On The Go (Protein Bar Review)

Keto and low carb dieting helps so many people lose weight. Whether you have a lot to lose or just a few. This way of eating forces the body to burn fat instead of carbs resulting in faster weight loss. It’s also said to curb appetite as well so even if you’re not full keto, the snacks are great for shedding pounds. That’s why I researched the 10 best keto snacks on the go.

I am a middle of the night snacker! For years now it’s my guilty pleasure to wake up in the middle of the night when everyone else is asleep and indulge in sweets and salty foods. I’ve consumed up to 1000 calories on midnight snacking alone. Having low carb treats on hand has really helped me contain the excess calories so I can maintain a healthy weight. 

10 best keto snacks:

  1. Keto Crisp Bars

Keto Krisps don’t have any hidden carbohydrates or any added sugar. They’re gluten free with healthy fats. Low carb high protein foods that are quick to grab make it so much easier to maintain or lose weight. 

10 best keto snacks on the go

Keto Crisp Bars Flavors

  • Butter & Salt : This gluten free bar combines functional collagen with an indulgent flavor. Butter & Salt is a warm, buttery pastry flavor with a hint of Himalayan sea salt. Made with grass-fed butter and collagen only!
  • Almond Butter: I go nuts for this keto bar! It’s the best for on-the-go because it is crafted with real creamy roasted almonds, cocoa butter and fresh coconut. This whole food ingredient bar provides up to 18 grams of healthy fats too. That’s why it’s a happy balance of nutritious and delicious.
  • Chocolate Raspberry: This best keto snack on the go is decadent with only 5g of net carbs. It tastes just like chocolate-covered raspberries in bar form. This Chocolate Raspberry protein bar is made with 100% chocolate and REAL raspberries.
  • Almond Butter Blackberry Jelly: You asked, and they listened. This new plant-based bar takes your taste to the next level. It’s nostalgic of our favorite childhood school lunch, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich! The combination of almond butter and splashes of real blackberry sprinkles creates a taste that leaves you satisfied.
  • Chocolate Mint: Do you love that mint chocolate chips flavor? I sure do – if so you will adore this all time favorite for the best keto snacks in the go.

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